NGO Business Services
NGO Business Services

Providing solutions for small charities and NGOs

NGO Business Services is a specialist organisation that helps small and growing charities as well as established organisations in the UK internationally to become more effective.

We do this by helping you to implement world class systems at affordable prices, which improves your operational efficiency, turns your disparate data sources into a unified library of relevant management information and, most importantly, lets you concentrate on the causes that you are passionate about.

Where we work


NGO Business Services is based in the UK and East Africa.  We provide services around the world and have clients in the UK, Brazil, USA, the Middle East, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uganda.



Our clients range from very small charities to multi-national organisations


Systems for small charities

Your not-for-profit is growing and you need information that you and your funders can rely on.  But your systems have not evolved in line with your organisation, your data sits in a variety of locations;  in spreadsheets, bespoke databases and the heads of key individuals, managing Gift Aid is a nightmare, you can't track GDPR opt ins, and on top of all that your budget is very limited.


Sound familiar?


We can help by assessing your current situation, giving expert advice and delivering first class solutions.


Fill out our contact form, we'd love to speak to you and talk about how we can assist you.