Unique consultancy services for small and growing non-profits



As a specialist consulting firm, NGO Business Services offers a set of services to small charities in the UK and NGOs around the world as well as to in-country branches of international organisations:

Systems Implementation

We deliver new system implementations and also help to resolve or fix existing implementations that have gone wrong or have fallen into disuse over time.


Our system implementation programmes are characterised by their speed and simplicity.  In addition to providing world class systems such as Salesforce for non-profits at affordable prices we offer a complete solution that includes business process review, data cleansing and migration, end user and administrator training.


For a project to be successful technology is only half of the answer - your organisation needs to be ready and able to embrace change that is necessary to maximise your investment.  We have many years experience of guiding small charities through this process.


We have a wealth of experience in new implementations and fixing existing systems that are not fit for purpose.


We work closely with you and your team throughout the project from initial discussion to post implementation support.


We don't use jargon or 'tech speak' but we do speak fluent Non-Profit. 

Consultancy Services


We help you through the changes and growth that you want to see in your organisation - we have extensive global experience in:


Training and mentoring for end users and administrators

Organisation development

Fixing broken systems

Capacity building

Data migration


We specialise in working with organisations in the UK and have supported not-for-profits in five continents.

Systems Review


Your organisation is growing and you are aware that to support this, your current operations and to prepare for the future you need a system that is in line with your current business strategy whilst being flexible enough to evolve and expand in line with your operations.


We will undertake a tailored review specific to your needs that will assess the fit of your current systems, processes, data sources and communications in the context of your organisation's objectives and strategic plans.

Systems Support

Putting in a new system is one thing, but being confident that your system will be supported and can continue to evolve as your organisation grows and changes is just as important.


NGO Business Services offers a range of support options from Pay As You Go to the security of our unique Retainer Service, all at very competitive rates.


Our Pay As You Go support is completely commitment fee - if you don't call of us, you don't pay - it's that simple.

Not sure where to start?  Get in touch today for a no cost no obligation chat about how we can help you become more effective.

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